Acid Types in Boza are a Panacea….

Acid Types in Boza are a Panacea…. Gazi University Gazi Education Faculty Chemistry Education Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslu said that recent studies have shown that nicotinic acid in boza has preventive effects on all kinds of cancer, especially skin cancer, as well as preventive effects on cardiovascular disease.

Uslu stated that boza, which first appeared in Mesopotamia 8-9 thousand years ago, spread to the world with the migration of the Turks, adding, “Boza is therefore known as a Turkish drink. Unfortunately, the consumption of boza, which does not end with counting the benefits, has decreased considerably today compared to the past.

Stating that in addition to extremely valuable rare foodstuffs, extremely valuable acids such as lactic acid and nicotinic acid are produced during fermentation, Uslu continued as follows:

“Because of its rich carbohydrate, protein and B vitamin content, people and athletes who suffer from fatigue and need more energy should especially consume it. Boza has a role in regulating the intestinal flora due to the lactic acid it contains. It positively affects the activities of the gastric glands. It has a calming and calming effect on the mind. It is also known to be used in the treatment of cough.”

Emphasizing that boza increases milk production in nursing mothers thanks to the yeast it contains, Uslu said, “The nicotinic acid in boza has the effect of reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. In this way, the protective effects of cardiovascular health, especially in diabetic patients, which reduce cardiovascular risk, have also been proven in studies.

Stating that the role of boza in preventing cancer is little known, Uslu said:

“Research in recent years has shown that the nicotinic acid in boza has preventive effects on all kinds of cancer, especially skin cancer, in addition to its preventive effects on cardiovascular diseases. The nicotinic acid in boza transforms into nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), a coenzyme that functions as a carrier of hydrogen atoms and electrons in some oxidation-reduction reactions. It should be kept in mind that NAD can prevent especially skin cancer cases, thanks to its regenerative feature of regenerating worn-out cells in our skin by stimulating energy metabolism and repairing damaged DNA structures. Considering these benefits of boza, we should drink plenty of this beautiful beverage of the winter months and serve it to our loved ones.”



source : hurriyet

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