China is working on nuclear energy to increase its global power

The Beijing administration is working in the field of nuclear energy as one of the ways to increase its global power - China is holding cooperation talks with countries such as France and England for this purpose. Wanting to increase its effectiveness in the international arena, China is looking for ways to strengthen its position in nuclear energy, which it sees as a card for this purpose.

China is a major exporter of design, construction and operation in the civil nuclear energy market. The Chinese administration is making a great effort to enter all civil nuclear energy markets in the world and is trying to be involved in many projects around the world.

For this purpose, China is making a large capital investment in nuclear energy. Chinese nuclear energy companies are involved in foreign projects by exporting many important parts in the sector.

There are 17 reactors currently in operation in China. In addition, 28 more reactors are under construction. This figure corresponds to two-fifths of the nuclear reactors currently under construction in the world.

Chinese experts emphasize that nuclear energy is a capital-intensive sector as well as technology, and underline that since it is a sensitive issue, it is impossible to cooperate without political trust in nuclear energy. In this sense, it is emphasized that cooperation in nuclear energy is not just a trade, but also an area of ​​diplomacy.

It is negotiating with countries such as China, England and France on various agreements and cooperations in the field of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy was one of the main topics on the agenda during the short visits of British Prime Minister David Cameron and French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault to China last week.

The involvement of China's General Nuclear Energy Group (CGN) in the Hinkley Point C project in Somerset, England, with the French Electricite de France (EDF), is one of the most notable nuclear energy projects in the world recently. Chinese experts emphasize that China's construction of reactors in the UK, which is a developed country, can be a good reference for Chinese companies to enter the world market.

After meeting with his French counterpart, Ayrault, last week, Chinese Premier Li Kiqiang openly expressed China's desire to enter global markets in nuclear energy and set forth the goal of developing cooperation in the nuclear energy markets of the two countries.

Industry experts comment that China and France aim to shape the global market in this field by combining their strengths, market experiences, construction and capital opportunities in the field of nuclear technology.

US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz also visited China in October. During the visit, Moniz said that as part of bilateral cooperation, Chinese companies will supply needed components to nuclear facilities in Georgia and South Carolina in the USA.

The Beijing administration made a strategic move in Romania during Prime Minister Li Kiqiang's visit to Eastern Europe. During Li's visit, the parties signed an agreement for the Chinese company CDN to participate in the construction of the third and fourth units of the Cernavado nuclear power plant in Romania.



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