Dokuz Eylul University Created the World's First 5 Sense Test Laboratory.

In the brain biophysics laboratory of Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biophysics, a system was created that simultaneously measures the response of the human brain to the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. In addition to laboratory medical studies, it is also evaluated on issues such as the development of unmanned aerial vehicles.

DEU Vice Rector and Head of Biophysics Department Prof. Dr. Murat Özgören told Anadolu Agency (AA) that national and international research on cerebral research focuses on measuring the brain's response to sensory stimuli in the biophysics department, and that the world's first 7 sensory testing laboratories have been created as a result of a 5-year study. Explaining that there are test laboratories for various senses in other experimental laboratories in the world, and that the test laboratory opened for use in DEU in 2007, reached 2013 senses with the completion of the taste test in 5, Özgören stated that thus, the responses of the 5 senses to the brain can be measured in an integrated manner and in the same environment.

Pointing out that the measurement provided by electrodes placed on the head can also be made under the effect of sleep and anesthesia, Özgören said: “This laboratory, which was established with the software of Turkish engineers and as a result of 7 years of work, benefits scientists who conduct research in many different fields. Our laboratory has been used effectively in scientific research on Parkinson's, schizophrenia and Alzheimer's diseases carried out within our university until today. We are taking concrete steps regarding the diagnosis of these diseases. We also conducted some test studies for the visually and hearing impaired. Since it is a first in the world, scientists from various countries also come to the laboratory to carry out their studies. Many leading brain researchers, especially in Norway, Germany, USA and Japan, complete their studies here.

Thanks to the laboratory, a meeting, information transfer and discussion environment was created for many academics from medicine and different disciplines.” Stating that the laboratory is used for research within the scope of the Sleep Forum established between Japan and Turkey, Prof. Drexel University in the USA continues a research on oxygen formation in the forebrain. Dr. Özgören noted that the use of the laboratory is on the agenda not only in human health but also in engineering projects such as determining measurement techniques in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Özgören said, "This center will be heard more in the future," and added that they provide services to patients referred from all over the country for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, and that they prepare reports on forensic cases.

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Source : turkiyenewspaper

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