The world's fastest method of boiling water has been found. The water will now boil in a split second!

German researchers have found a way to boil water in an instant, they have developed a new method that can boil water in a fraction of a trillionth of a second.
Researchers in Hamburg, Germany, have succeeded in developing the world's fastest water heater. After a total of 200 hours of computer processor work, a process was developed that would allow a drop of water to boil in a trillionth of a second.

With this process, a small amount of water can be boiled to 600 degrees in half a picosecond. A picosecond is a unit of time, such as the ratio of one second to 32 years, relative to one second. According to the German Electron Synchrotron institution 'Desy', this is the world's fastest method of boiling water.

In the journal 'Applied Chemistry – International Edition' (Nr. 51), scientists noted that this method, which has not yet been applied in practice, creates new experimental possibilities in chemistry and biology. Water plays a very important role in chemical and biological experiments. Some chemical bonds can be strengthened with water, and some reactions take place with water.
In the calculations, it is planned to heat the water, which is one billionth of a liter, up to 600 degrees with teraherz irradiation. Teraherz rays consist of electromagnetic waves with a frequency between radio waves and infrared rays. Teraherz rays make water molecules vibrate and separate the bonds that make up water.
In a joint study by Desy and the University of Hamburg and the Max-Planck Institute, scientists calculated the interaction between teraherz rays and water. For this, they used the super-fast computer center in Jülich, North Rhine-Westphalia.

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