Fuel alternatives and technologies of the future will be discussed at Istanbul Technical University.

Fuel alternatives and technologies of the future will be discussed at Istanbul Technical University (ITU). Sakarya University (SAU) Faculty Member, Assoc. Dr. Hakan Soyhan, ITU faculty member Prof. Cem Soşbay and Shell Fuel Technologies Group manager Prof. Dr. World-renowned scientists and researchers will come to Istanbul for the fourth FCE (Combustion in Fuels and Engineering) conference, which will be held this year together with Roger Cracknell Prof. Roger Cracknell.

Fuels of the future and modern technologies to use these fuels will be exhibited at the conference, which will be held between January 20-22, 2014 and supported by Shell and TUBITAK. In the FCE 2014 conference, which is expected to be attended by engineers, academics, automotive manufacturers, researchers in the industries where combustion is used, and engineering students, there will be articles and presentations on current technology and fuels.

Shell's fuel technology experts, whose articles have been published worldwide, and scientists and researchers from SAU, ITU, Lund University from Sweden and Eindhoven Technical University from the Netherlands will provide information on clean and sustainable fuels, alternative energy sources and advanced combustion technologies. At the conference, in addition to technological information, SRM software developer CMCL Innovations from England and AVL companies from Austria will introduce their fuel and combustion simulation studies and the software they have developed. Having signed many new technologies in fields such as oil, gas, additives, chemicals and motor sports, Shell's Fuel Technologies Group manager Prof. Dr. Roger Cracknell and his team will share Shell's vision for fuels of the future by 1940 in presentations.

Within the scope of the project, on behalf of ITU and SAU, which supported Shell on R&D, Prof.Dr. Cem Soşbay and project researcher Assoc. Hakan Soyhan will explain the innovations and R&D studies they have developed so far in his presentations. Associate Professor. Soyhan will also introduce the industrial-scale biodiesel production facility prototype, hydrogen-powered burner design and AVESS fire safety system studies, which are among the innovations he developed with his team and project partners within the body of TEAM-SAN Engineering Industrial R&D Consultancy, which he established in Teknokent.

All articles to be submitted at FCE 2014 will be published in the FCE Journal. The editor of the special issue of the journal, Dr. Hakan Soyhan said that there will be participants and presentations from 2014 continents in FCE 4, and therefore the conference attracted great interest from academics and research circles in the industry. All details and developments about the conference http://www.fce.sakarya.edu.tr can be tracked. It was reported that half of the participation fees stated on the site will be demanded from the local participants at the conference, which was confirmed to be supported by TUBITAK last week. It is also possible to follow the conference on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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