He revealed that communication signals don't travel faster than light, saving Einstein.

Kırklareli University (KLÜ) Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Emre Taşgın's study, which reveals that communication signals do not travel faster than light, was published in the “Physical Review A” journal of the American Physical Society.

Taşgın said that whether communication signals go faster than light is a subject that has occupied the scientific world for many years.

Stating that the observation that communication signals travel faster than light is contrary to Einstein's general theory of relativity, Taşgın said:

“This issue has been preoccupying the scientific world for about 12 years. In 2000, there was an important development that shook the scientific world. This important development was published in the world's best science journal. Scientists had observed that communication signals travel faster than light. This issue was neither fully accepted nor refuted in the scientific community. In my theoretical work, I have shown that this speed is unrealistic.”

Taşgın stated that in his study, he revealed that the calculation method used was not correct. Stating that in the experiment, he saw that a communication signal was emitted from a source and that this signal passed through a certain environment and changed shape in this environment, Taşgın continued:

“Because the front part of the signal entering the medium beforehand is amplified more than the rear part, the peak of the signal is shifted. Because of this shift, the signal appears to go before the light. There is actually a change of shape. The communication signal does not go before the light.”

Stressing that he has illuminated a very serious problem that occupies the world of science, Taşgın said, “It has been observed that communication signals arrive before light. "I've shown that this is not really the case," he said.

Stating that the definition of velocity is one of the most fundamental problems in the new generation physics (Quantum Physics), where every substance is expressed as a wave, Taşgın stated that with this study, scientists can test which of the various velocity calculation methods they now use is realistic.

Taşgın noted that this study can also be applied to the observations that subatomic particles travel faster than light, and that he received requests from scientists who carried out the most important experiments on the subject to determine whether the speed they measured was realistic or not.



Source : Haberturk

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