Unmissable job opportunity for university students from Hürriyet…!

Taking a very important step for internet entrepreneurship, Hürriyet captures the entrepreneurial spirit of university students with the Hürriyet Garage project and opens an important door for them to the business world.

Saying that Hürriyet Garage is an entrepreneurship camp for university students, Hürriyet Human Resources Director and Executive Board Member Tuba Köseoğlu Okçu stated that everyone, including university students, can be involved in this project and continued: “Everyone can bring their idea to us without any subject restrictions. . It can be an idea based on growing a flower in a pot, or an application developed for smartphones… This is entirely limited to the student's imagination…”


Noting that it is important for a new idea to be commercialized, Okçu said that they are open to new ideas that have not been tried before, and that this is their main goal. Stating that many companies, especially Google and Facebook, were born in the garage in Silicon Valley in accordance with the US culture, and they named the project Hürriyet Garage in connection with this, Okçu continued his words as follows: “Hürriyet is in a serious transformation. The work we do is turning into a content-oriented business that goes beyond and is not connected to many newspapers. This content focus includes newspapers as well as digital platforms. Hürriyet is always associated with journalism, because we have a very strong history, we have a brand. We are entering a new era, where we can bring the past to life in a beautiful way, and bring it to the same environment in the digital world as well as in the newspaper. Therefore, we have turned into a dynamic environment.”

Noting that the generation studying at universities never knew the change of Hürriyet and this dynamic environment, Okçu said that they only knew Hürriyet as a newspaper and stated that they wanted to share the dynamism of Hürriyet with the students with this project.


Stating that 798 applications have been made so far for the project, which started in October, Okçu said that the number is not enough and that the education and business life culture in Turkey is not in a structure that supports entrepreneurship. Pointing out that 45 percent of university graduates in the USA started their own business, Okçu stated that this rate remained around 5 percent in Turkey, and that this negative picture necessitated such a project. Stating that they see Hürriyet Garage as a social responsibility project, Okçu noted that there is no similar project in the world.


Stating that the applications are made with video, Okçu said that their aim at this point is to see ideas in video format instead of having one-on-one interviews, and added: “We thought we would invite about 10 of these videos to the informatics camp. We have a plan on how to turn an idea into a business plan, how to market it, how to make its feasibility, and talk about them at the camp.” Expressing that there is interest in the project from all over Turkey, Okçu said that thanks to Hürriyet Garage, students will have the opportunity to receive a very serious education and said: “They will receive training from Turkey's leading and experienced people. These are not like open classroom education and I think that is very valuable. Here, each team will have a coach and he will guide the team. Students will have experience by spending 5-6 days with a person from the business world. We think that this will provide a great support for university students as they start their careers.”
Stating that the students will see what they want to do and what they do not want to do in the future in the long run, Okçu said that this way, students can see whether they have an entrepreneurial spirit.


Those who want to be involved in the project  http://hurriyetgarage.com/index.aspx  Click to register. The deadline for applications is December 21.


Okçu, who also shared the process of the project, concluded his words as follows: “First of all, we have a committee that evaluates the applications that come to us. After choosing among the videos uploaded to Hürriyet Garage's website, we will look at which projects are sustainable and invite the successful ones to our entrepreneurship camp in February. We will choose 3 projects among those who come here and support them by offering them an office, capital and working environment. As the project leader, we will be able to recruit the project owner who managed to make it to the end, to Hürriyet.”


Anyone studying at the university, whether undergraduate, graduate or doctoral, can participate in this project.



source : hurriyet

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