The 10 most important innovations that innovation has brought to medicine and will break new ground

The 10 most important innovations that innovation has brought to medicine and that will break new ground. Medicine, in which digital, robotic and 3D printing technologies offer many innovations, makes treatments that were not possible in the past valid, and significantly shortens the treatment processes thanks to innovation. Innovation plays the most important role in the application of emerging technologies to medicine and the development of many new treatments.
Prostheses produced in 3D printers, digital technologies that enable the transmission of patient information and x-rays to surgeons in a few minutes, and robots that increase the success rate of surgeries and shorten their time, make great contributions to the medical world.

But the changes that contribute to the entire healthcare system, from hospitals to outpatient clinics to research laboratories, are being driven by innovation. Scientists have developed methods and tools in all kinds of treatment areas, from new vaccine methods to plasters, as well as great time and cost savings in programming and operation.

The 10 most important innovations brought by innovation to medicine can be listed as follows:
1- Checklists: It is now possible for the order to function perfectly, from a patient's preparation for surgery to a routine check-up.

2- Behavioral economics: From the incentives we apply to lose weight to the way doctors adjust their programs, new perspectives are emerging in the field of health.

3- Portal for patients: Patients can see their appointments, treatment processes and communicate with their doctors on secure web pages.

4- Payment innovations: The system that rewards successful and successful transactions, not according to the size of the work done, is becoming the norm.

5- Evidence-based decision making: Electronic medical data enables doctors and nurses to make the right decision in certain situations.

6- Patient control: Doctors apply coordinated treatment by sharing instead of treating patients only when they apply to them.

7- Renewable drugs: New solutions, led by stem cell therapy, are opening new doors in many fields, especially in nervous diseases.

8- Visual checks: Health checks will be made in the form of teleconference and necessary values ​​will be measured.

9- Genetic methods: Genetic profiles of patients will be obtained, offering doctors new perspectives in finding and developing treatment.

10- Robotic technology: Robots that provide doctors with faster procedures, increase the success rate and shorten the operation times are one of the biggest innovations that innovation has integrated into medicine.

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