İsmet İNÖNÜ became a CHEMISTRY student after the age of 58. The mansion room was turned into a laboratory.

Journalist Mete Akyol's founder of Ankara University Faculty of Science, Prof. Dr. An interview with Avni Refik Bekman's son Nermi Refik Bekman revealed a historical secret… Nermi Refik Bekman explained that İnönü, whose life was spent with wars and political struggle, had a great interest in chemistry and that he took chemistry lessons from his father when he was 58 years old.
Bekman shared with Akyol the photos taken while his father was giving lectures to İnönü in the laboratory, and stated that his father gave lessons in a laboratory set up in a room in Çankaya Mansion in 1942, two days a week. Bekman said, “My father and İnönü used to do experiments together during the lessons.”

The mansion room became a laboratory
Stating that President İsmet İnönü could not satisfy his desire to learn chemistry until 1942, Akyol said the following about İnönü's becoming a chemistry student: When İnönü revealed his secret to the Minister of National Education Hasan Ali Yücel, he was told by Dr. Avni Refik Bekman was recommended. Bekman studied at the University of Berlin during World War I and returned as a doctor 1 years later. He was teaching chemistry at the Gazi Education Institute at that time. Avni Refik Bekman, who was brought to the Çankaya Mansion by Hasan Ali Yücel upon the invitation of İnönü, first converted one room of the mansion into a small laboratory. Then he gave chemistry lessons to his student, President İnönü, 11 days a week.”

'The ally wanted to win'
II. Revealing that the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, gave a gift of laboratory materials to President İnönü during World War II, Akyol also used the following statements regarding the reason for the gift: “Hitler wanted to gain a new ally by drawing Turkey into the war. He had learned from Von Papen, the German Ambassador to Ankara, that İnönü's greatest interest was to learn chemistry and that he wore an apron two days a week and took private lessons at the Çankaya Mansion. In fact, this great secret was conveyed to Hitler as 'Very Private Information'. Hitler gave a laboratory to chemistry enthusiast İsmet İnönü in order to attract Turkey to his side.”
'Hassan Ali Yücel was also present in the first lesson'

In his interview, Akyol also told the story of moving the laboratory to Ankara University Faculty of Science as follows;

“The President gave the task of establishing a Science Faculty within Ankara University to İnönü teacher Bekman. He also donated the laboratory that Hitler had given him to the Faculty of Science, which he would establish for Bekman. When the faculty opened on 8 November 1943, Prof. Dr. President İsmet İnönü and Minister of National Education Hasan Ali Yücel were among the audience for the first lecture given by Bekman.”

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