The danger awaiting the world came out of the bottle found in the North Pole

A message warning about global warming was written in 1959 from a bottle found in the Arctic near Canada. Researchers from Canada's Laval University, who studied glaciers, found the bottle in a glacier on Ward Hunt Island. found it under a pile of stones. In the message written by the US Geologist Paul T. Walker, he is asked to send the result obtained by re-measuring this distance to Walker and his colleague Albert Crary, that the pile of stones where the bottle is stored is 51 meters from the edge of the glacier.

Laval University's Dr. Warwick Vincent announced their discovery of the bottle last summer at a science conference in Halifax last week. Speaking to the media, Vincent stated that they made the desired measurement in the message and that the distance from 51 meters increased to 122 meters.

Accordingly, the glacier melted 54 meters in 71 years.

Vincent stated that in the 1950s, when satellite phones and navigation technology were not available, US scientists showed incredible courage and conducted research on the glacier. Vincent stated that the location of the bottle is located at the northernmost tip of North America and the average temperature here is minus 18 degrees. Stating that such data from years ago is very valuable, Vincent stated that the melting of glaciers in the 1950s was 'unthinkable'.
Walker was in his 20s when he wrote the message. In the same year, Walker, who fell ill while doing research in the same area, died in the hospital.
The bottle was replaced with a similar message asking the finder to measure the distance between the location of the message and the edge of the glacier.

North Pole


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