Half of Exports to Egypt is from the Chemical Sector!!

Half of Exports to Egypt is from the Chemical Sector. In the January-November period of this year, 48,1 percent of Turkey's exports to Egypt were realized by the chemical industry.
According to the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), 12 billion 2 million 957 thousand dollars were exported to Egypt, which ranks 283th among the countries to which Turkey exports the most, in the January-November period.

With these figures, exports to Egypt in the said period decreased by 14 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.
Kocaeli, which meets 41 percent of the exports to Egypt, exported 1 billion 212 million 179 thousand dollars to this country, while Istanbul made 940 million 758 thousand dollars and Hatay 111 million 286 thousand dollars.
In the January-November period, Egypt met 138 percent of Turkey's exports of 337 billion 72 million 2,1 thousand dollars, and the largest export was obtained from the chemical industry with 1 billion 423 million 392 thousand dollars.

The sector in question constituted 48,1% of Turkey's exports to this country.
Exports to Egypt were 295 million 815 thousand dollars in steel, 227 million 601 thousand dollars in textiles and raw materials, 163 million 787 thousand dollars in vehicles and sub-industry.



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