Oyak Acquires Chemistry Giant from the USA…

Oyak Acquires US Chemistry Giant… Galata Chemicals operating in the USA will be sold to Oyak for 150 million dollars. According to Bloomberg's news, the two companies are very close to an agreement regarding the acquisition.

According to the news of Oyak Bloomberg, which announced that Tukaş will put its shares up for sale, it is making calculations to buy the US company called Galata Chemicals.
The company is expected to buy Galata for 150 million dollars with its debts. According to the information given by the unidentified people, the two companies are very close to the agreement. According to the information given, the company named Lazard provides consultancy to Galata during the sales process.


Lazard Ltd. No statement was made from Lazard and Oyak regarding the purchase.

Oyak also bought Akdeniz Kimya last December.

Oyak had also bought Australian Chemson in the past months.

Galata Chemicals


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