An easy method for cleaning hair “Carbonate”

Using baking soda is a very easy way to clean your hair. What's more, most people find that their hair looks much better when they switch from commercial shampoos to baking soda. Avoiding exposure to harmful chemicals found in most shampoos is another attractive factor.

The most harmful chemicals found in shampoos are:

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate

DEA / Diethanolamine



Fragrances in the shampoo may indicate the presence of 4000 different chemicals. There are also many natural shampoo brands that do not contain these substances. However, hair care with carbonate and vinegar, which are economical, may be the best choice for those who complain about dull, dry or frizzy hair. In this method, the hair is washed with baking soda, rinsed with vinegar and dried with a dryer.

Since shampoos take away the natural oils of the scalp, oil production of the scalp increases by balancing this. For this reason, if you stop using shampoo, you may see more oiliness than normal until your scalp adapts. But after a while, lubrication will return to normal. The baking soda and vinegar method is inexpensive, effective, simple, and chemical-free.


Mix 1 part baking soda with 3 parts water. For shoulder-length hair, 2 - 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 3 times of water are sufficient. You can increase the amount for longer hair. Put the mixture in a small squeezable bottle.

Apply baking soda and water to wet or dry hair from the roots and work your way to the ends. Wait 1 to 3 minutes and rinse with warm water.


Mix 1 part white vinegar or apple cider vinegar with 4 parts water. You can also add lavender, black pepper and/or rosemary essential oils to the vinegar mix to reduce the vinegar smell. You can prepare plenty of this mixture and store it in a squeezable bottle in the bathroom.

Tilt your head back and apply the mixture to your hair, avoiding your eyes. For longer hair, the head can also be tilted forward, but be careful not to get the mixture in your eyes. Rinse with cold water after a few seconds. Thanks to the cold water, the moisture stays in the hair and the hair becomes softer and shiny. It will also prevent fluctuation and electrification in people with straight hair.



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