No benefit was found for multivitamins used for a healthy life.

US scientists have debunked the myth of 'use multivitamins for a healthy life'. According to recent studies, multivitamins and mineral supplements have no health benefits, but have many side effects.
Taking MULTIVITAMIN support has no effect on health! The multivitamin myth has been debunked in two recent major studies in the USA. According to scientists, enough multivitamins have been used and research has been done. There is no need to take multivitamin complexes, which have been proven time and again to have no health benefits, or to conduct new research on them! In the last issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine, published on December 16, two studies, titled 'Multivitamin file closed', investigated the relationship between vitamin supplements and heart and cancer.

'Heart medicine' thesis is a lie

The American Heart Association researched the relationship between heart diseases and multivitamins with 15 doctors. Doctors gathered in 24 groups examined 350 people across the United States. It was understood that taking multivitamin and mineral supplements had no effect on preventing heart attack. Another study that debunked the multivitamin myth was conducted by the American Drug Administration. The researchers studied 12 people who took multivitamins for 6 years. Half of the group was given a multivitamin and the other group was given a placebo. Writing the article of the research results, Harvard University's Dr. Francine Grodstein reports that there is no evidence that multivitamins also prevent dementia.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Instead of buying these pills, which were determined not to reduce the risk of chronic disease or death, experts recommended eating more vegetables and fruits, consuming foods high in saturated fat, reducing calorie intake and increasing physical activity. In the article, it was said, "Using multivitamin pills is a waste of money".



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