The System Is Changing, The University Exam Is Abolished!!

The System Is Changing, The University Exam Is Abolished!! University entrance will determine high school success. Minister of National Education Nabi Avcı announced in TGRT Haber that the university entrance system will be changed. Making detailed statements about the system for the first time, Avcı said:

In 2015, there will be no need for classrooms. Exams are coming up. We had an exam called SBS. Last year we said we'd remove it, and that's what happened. It will be just like SBS. At the meeting held 1.5 years ago, our Science and Technology High Council commissioned YÖK, MEB and TÜBİTAK to reshape the university entrance system. These 3 institutions have been working for 2 years. Research is experimenting.

ÖSYM made a pilot application about the open-ended university exam 3-4 months ago. How can I do the open-ended exam, how can I use open-ended questions in the university exam. This was a very important and revolutionary step. Evaluation of open-ended questions will be very objective.

Life is not equal to 180 minutes. We started by removing the SBS in the transition to secondary education. Hopefully, we are working on an entry system that takes into account the achievements of the students in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th grade curricula of high school, also in university entrance. We want to index university entrance directly to success in the high school curriculum. The student will be able to go to university with the success he has shown there. In this way, the child will first rationalize the issue in his own conscience by looking at his own 4-year performance and asking "Which university can I enter".

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