TPAO (Turkish Petroleum Corporation) is looking for personnel to work with a salary of 15 thousand dollars.

TPAO will pay high salaries to its personnel abroad, in order to assign them to new groundbreaking search activities. TPAO is calculating to be able to pay a salary of 15 thousand dollars abroad.
While Turkey is accelerating its oil and natural gas exploration activities in order to reduce the current account deficit, it is changing its energy management personnel policy. Qualified personnel, especially engineers working in the public energy sector, will be retained.
In order to respond to the private sector's tariff, which starts at 10 thousand dollars, the Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) is also opening its mouth. TPAO will pay high salaries to its personnel abroad, in order not to lose its trained engineers to the private sector in order to assign them to new groundbreaking exploration activities. TPAO, which lost a large number of trained engineers, called the think tank, to the private sector in the past years, is making calculations of being able to pay up to 15 thousand dollars abroad in the new period. According to the information obtained, an engineer was sent to this country with a salary of 7 thousand dollars for oil exploration activities in Libya.

Coming down the field wins

A source close to TPAO, who stated that an engineer working in the field is paid an average of 6 thousand liras, said, "We need to retain the trained manpower for oil, natural gas and shale gas drilling and extraction activities." As of the end of last year, TPAO has 4 personnel across Turkey, and approximately 706 engineers and executives work. On the other hand, the education and training process of around 500 personnel continues in order to train them abroad. An engineer in TPAO receives a salary of around 300 thousand 3 liras.

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Source : haber.stargazete

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