Limestone quarry in Armağan village of Kırklareli, the third cleanest village in Turkey, the people are trying to prevent the environmental massacre.

The villagers reacted to the limestone quarry that was intended to be established in the Armağan village of Kırklareli, which came in third in Turkey in the cleanest village competition. The limestone quarry intended to be established near the Armağan Dam will cause the destruction of the water resources that supply 20 percent of the Kırklareli Dam, according to the claims of the villagers. The people, who started a petition to the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization and stated that they do not want a mine in their village, are struggling to prevent the EIA report from being given to the mine and the opening of the mine.

Nahit Bulut, headman of Armağan village, said, "If they open this mine to our village, they will destroy 20 percent of Kırklareli's water source." It is in the water basin that meets 100 of them. Our water flows at the same level in summer and winter. In addition, we have been supplying the drinking water of Armağan village from these sources for 20 years. The mining pit to be opened will dry up our water resources and our water resources will be wasted due to the explosion that will be made every nine days. We have made our applications to the necessary places. We tried to explain the drawbacks of the mine that is intended to be built here.

EIA report should not be submitted to this area. If the EIA report is given, we will continue our struggle. We will set up camp in the limestone quarry area, which will be established as a village headman and a village of 800 households. We will give our lives if necessary, but we will not let this beautiful water go to waste.” Armagan village came third in Turkey in the cleanest village competition organized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in 2012.

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