Kocaeli became the leader of the chemical industry in December

Kocaeli was the leader of the chemical industry in December. Kocaeli increased its exports of "chemical substances and products" in December by 2012 percent compared to the same month of 7,6.

According to the information compiled from the records of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), in the sector-based export performance of the companies exporting in the city in December, “chemicals and products” ranked 1st, “vehicles and sub-industry” ranked 2nd, and “electrical-electronics” sector 3 He was third.

While the companies exporting in the city obtained 77 percent of their exports from the "chemical substances and products" and "vehicles and sub-industry" sectors, 827 million 751 thousand dollars were obtained from these sectors in December.

Realizing an export of 2012 million 7,6 thousand dollars with an increase of 492 percent in the chemical sector compared to the same month of 611, Kocaeli met 1 percent of Turkey's 603 billion 246 million 30,7 thousand dollars "chemical substances and products" exports.

The exports of “vehicles and sub-industry” in the city decreased by 19,4 percent to 335 million 140 thousand dollars.

Accordingly, Kocaeli realized 1 percent of Turkey's 764 billion 586 million 19 thousand dollars of “vehicles and sub-industry” exports in December.

Other export items

According to TIM records, the export figures from Kocaeli in other sectors last month are as follows:

“68 million 720 thousand dollars in electricity-electronics, 48 ​​million 904 thousand dollars in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, 31 million 868 thousand dollars in steel, 28 million 787 thousand dollars in machinery and parts, 28 million 661 thousand dollars in air conditioning industry, cereals, pulses, oil 11 million 28 thousand dollars in seeds and products, 9 million 559 thousand dollars in wood products and forest products.”

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