Scientists Try To Produce Metal-Organic Polymer Material For Hydrogen Storage

Scientists Are Trying To Produce Metal-Organic Polymer Material For Hydrogen Storage. Russian Academy of Sciences Siberian Institute of Inorganic Chemistry Director Vladimir Fedin stated that metal-organic polymers will be produced for the purpose of storing many gases, especially hydrogen.

Fedin said that Professor Martin Shreder of the University of Nottingham, one of the UK's famous research universities, will lead these studies.

Fedin made the following statement on the subject:

“To continue the studies, a special laboratory will be established at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry under the leadership of Martin Shreder. Shreder, dean of Nottingham's School of Chemistry, will work on metal-organic polymer production in the lab. These polymers consist of porous particles of metal compounds and combine with organic substances. The substances we will obtain can be used in pharmacology for the production of long-lasting medicinal drugs and in the chemical industry as a catalyst, as well as in the storage of gases. In particular, metal-organic polymers can be useful for the storage and storage of hydrogen fuel to be used in transportation.”

Fedin stated that the work will take 3 years and that the laboratory and materials will remain at the Institute after Shreder completes the project.



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