New theory from Hawking that will stir the world of physics

British physicist Prof. Dr. Stephen Hawking shocked the physics world by saying that there are no black holes in space.
Stating that there are 'gray holes' in his article published on the internet, Hawking said, "There cannot be black holes in an environment where light cannot escape to infinity, in a sense, where there is no event horizon."

The light is breaking into pieces

Hawking suggested that instead of trying to escape the center of the black hole, the rays of light were trapped and contracted, just as if they were stuck in a mill, and ejected radiation.
Emphasizing that there is no escape from the black hole in the classical theory, Hawking said, "However, quantum theory allows energy and information to escape from the black hole."
Hawkings also underlined the need for a theory that can reconcile gravity and other fundamental natural phenomena in order to fully explain the process.



Source : news.gazetevatan

Günceleme: 27/01/2014 00:14

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