Killer Seaweed Detected to Kill Cancer

Killer Moss Has Been Detected To Be The Killer Of Cancer. It has been scientifically proven that the plant, which is known as “killer algae” because it destroys the traditional water cover plant and is abundant on the coasts of Turkey, also kills cancerous cells. Killer algae” was found to destroy cancerous cells.

DEU Faculty of Medicine Oncology Institute Basic Oncology Department Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Yasemin Baskin told Anadolu Agency (AA) that environmental factors, pollution and many other reasons can cause cancer, and that various scientific studies have been carried out in recent years to combat this disease.

“Cancer drugs and some of the other drugs are actually raw materials that are in nature. However, we are waiting for it to be found from nature, processed and what it is used for. Stating that Turkey is a country rich in plant and animal resources and has its own unique species, Baskin said that they carry out various researches at the Oncology Institute Laboratories.

Pointing out that Turkey is a rich country in terms of herbal raw materials, Baskin said:

“After turning these active substances into raw materials from nature under scientific conditions, we are trying to prove how they affect normal and cancer cells in our laboratory. If we can find a molecule that is a drug candidate from these materials, we want to start drug development studies related to it. In this laboratory, there is a group that we continue to work on and work with. These are the group that obtains the raw material. The team of our teacher Levent Çavaş from Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Science. Previously, with that team, they obtained some active substances from a sea creature we call killer algae, which is abundant on our beaches. We found out what they cause at the cellular level. That team is asking if we can use it as a medicine or as an active substance in the industry within the European Union project. We are hopeful about it. From developments. In our research in our laboratories, we found that this algae kills cancerous cells. But the process of turning it into a cancer drug is a very different stage and is a long way. At that stage, we need industry cooperation, laboratories and studies with large budgets. ”

Sea cucumber is also being investigated

Baskin stated that they will investigate the effects of another sea creature, sea cucumbers, on cancer in a project they have just started.

Stating that the permission for the extraction of sea cucumber was obtained from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Baskin said, “We will obtain some active substances from sea cucumbers and investigate their effects on cells or microbes and whether they can be a drug candidate. Apart from this, our laboratory has the infrastructure to measure the effect of all kinds of drugs and active substances on cells.”

killer moss


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