Machine Chemistry Industry Construction, Our First Domestic Infantry Rifle Will Be Distributed to Continents in February

Machine Chemistry Industry Construction, Our First Domestic Infantry Rifle will be distributed to the continents in February. The 500 thousand G3 guns in the barracks will be replaced by Mehmetçik, whose tests have been completed.

Mehmetçik, Turkey's first infantry rifle made with its own means, will begin to be delivered to the continents in February for trial purposes. The Armed Forces has been using the G3 infantry rifle for many years.

Some of the 500 thousand infantry rifles in the inventory are about to complete their technological and economic life. In order for the troops not to suffer any weakness for this purpose, a contract was signed between the Undersecretariat of Defense Industry and the Machinery Chemistry Industry Corporation (MKEK) to manufacture national modern infantry rifles with a diameter of 22 millimeters on January 2009, 7,62, with the decision of the Defense Industry Executive Committee. Production of modern infantry rifles began in 2011.


The shortcomings in the production of the Modern Infantry Rifle were fixed at the end of last year. Product qualification tests were completed in October last year. The rifle came out of these tests with high performance. Kale Kalıp also participated in the production phase. At this point, the Undersecretariat is about to complete the production of a pilot group of 200 guns. Towards the end of February, trial rifles will be delivered to the continents for trial purposes.


According to the news made by the daily newspaper, it is aimed to test the workflow plans and capacities for mass production and assembly with pilot batch production, which is a rehearsal of the mass production activities that will be on the agenda in the next period. In addition, it is aimed to get feedback by testing the rifles in the troops and to improve the weapons by seeing the deficiencies.

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