'SILENT ASPHALT' from Russian Scientists

Russian scientists developed “silent asphalt” FARUK AKKAN I MOSCOW “Silent Asphalt”, which was created by Russian scientists with the help of special components, received an award in the competition held by the European Union. 18 companies from different European countries participated in the competition held in the city of Utrecht by the Dutch Ministry of Environment and Infrastructure. As part of the competition, companies were asked to produce a study that could reduce the noise on road asphalt by at least 10 decibels.
In the project prepared by Unikom, a subsidiary of Russian State Company Rosnano, asphalt made with the help of intensive processing of active rubber powder reduces noise by at least 6-12 decibels. This work of the Russian company won an award together with the Dutch and Swiss company. In the statement made by mm Rosnano, it was stated that one of the most important objectives of the said competition was to exchange information on highway asphalt and to create a common knowledge pool on this subject.



Source : Medya73

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