The use of composite rods in concrete will be investigated in cooperation with Sakarya University and ESA Kimya.

In cooperation with Sakarya University (SAU) and ESA Kimya, the use of fiber-reinforced composite bars as reinforcement in concrete will be investigated.
Within the scope of Industry Theses (SANTEZ) Support Program projects, the usability of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) materials produced by pultrusion method as an alternative reinforcement material instead of steel as reinforcement material in concrete will be investigated. The project, Dean of the Faculty of Technology, Prof. Dr. It will be conducted by Mehmet Saribiyik.

Corrosion of the reinforcement used in concrete, which is the most widely used building material today, can be a problem in reinforced concrete structures and the damage to the country's economy is approximately 45 billion dollars annually. In structures that come into contact with water, both steel and concrete elements are severely damaged due to corrosion of the reinforcement in the concrete. It is planned to solve the corrosion problem of the steel reinforcement in the concrete by using FRP reinforcements in many applications, especially in coastal structures, field concretes, concrete roads, concrete using steel mesh, some concretes used in tunnels and ground concrete.



Source : Beyazgundem

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