For the first time in Turkey, make-up material that does not contain risky chemicals and aluminum was produced.

For the first time in Turkey, make-up material that does not contain risky chemicals and aluminum was produced.

For the first time in Turkey, make-up material that does not contain risky chemicals and aluminum was produced. Kudret Livaoğlu, a woman entrepreneur supported by KOSGEB, produced organic cosmetic products and soaps that do not have risks such as cancer and asthma and can be used for babies. produced soaps. Livaoğlu, which also produces organic deodorants, make-up materials, toothpaste and detergents, became one of the SMEs of the year with its brand within a year.

Ranked Among the SMEs of the Year

While the award ceremony, where KOSGEB chose the entrepreneurs of the year, was held with the participation of the Minister of Industry Fikri Işık, one of the finalists at the ceremony, the female entrepreneur named Kudret Livaoğlu, drew attention with the make-up materials she produced. 37-year-old Livaoğlu managed to become one of the SMEs of the year in just one year with his company Naturalive, which he founded in 2012.


Livaoğlu started to produce the first and only aluminum-free natural cosmetic materials in Turkey. Giving information about the products he produces to our newspaper, Livaoğlu stated that organic cosmetic products are very expensive in Turkey and are always imported, and that he sees the deficiency in this area and carries out R&D studies. Livaoğlu explained that they first produced natural deodorant sticks and that they quickly reached 18 types of products. Livaoğlu said that they also produced the first and only natural toothpaste in the country according to the demands. Livaoğlu explained that the products he produces are completely natural and there are absolutely no harmful chemicals.


Livaoğlu stated that he developed a natural dishwasher, washing machine detergent and stain remover after the products he produced attracted great attention, adding that he created the concept of natural cleaning. Livaoğlu stated that people are exposed to 80 kinds of chemicals without being aware of it, and explained that these chemicals cause many problems such as cancer, asthma, allergies and cardiovascular diseases. Noting that the chemicals that the skin is exposed to are absorbed and mixed with the blood, Livaoğlu pointed out that 400 types of chemicals were found even in blood samples taken from baby cords, in a study conducted in the USA. Livaoğlu drew attention to the absence of aluminum, paraben, animal oil, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes and alcohol in the products it produces. Even starting to export, Livaoğlu sold products to Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan. Livaoğlu also started export negotiations with Kuwait, Sudan and Dubai. Livaoğlu also drew attention to the fact that its products have halal certificate.


Some of the natural products produced by Livaoğlu are as follows: “Deodorant stick, natural toothpaste, face, hand and body cream, shampoo and hair cream, lip moisturizer and lipstick that protects against oiliness, clay mask, peeling, skin care oil, diaper rash cream for babies. , liquid hand soap, powder dishwasher detergent, powder washing machine detergent and stain remover.”



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