Losing Scientists in Germany.

Losing Scientists in Germany. It has been reported that the situation in Germany is not good at all in terms of having the best scientists worldwide. In the Spiegel magazine, the 'Innovation and Research Experts', which has not been announced to the public until now, [more…]


8 Countries Eyes on Polar Energy

8 Countries Eyes on the Energy at the Poles. The Arctic region, whose borders are drawn with the Arctic Circle, is the focus of attention of 8 neighboring countries to this region. Last week, United States Secretary of State John Kerry, [more…]


'Gold mine' discovered in her knees

A 'gold mine' was discovered in his knees. A 'gold mine' was discovered in the knees of a woman who applied to a doctor due to extreme pain in her knees in South Korea. Doctors stated that the image that emerged after the X-ray was the result of 'acupuncture treatment'.South Korean [more…]


Biological Insects Will Protect Our Forests

Biological Insects Will Protect Our Forests. A biological solution has been found against insects that do more damage to forests than fires. Beneficial insects reproduced in a laboratory environment will protect forests. That's why half a million biological insects produced in 2013 [more…]