Tübitak Offers Up to 120 Thousand Lira Support for the Call for E-Books, Including Many Chemistry Lessons

Tübitak Offers Support Up to 120 Thousand Liras for the Call for E-Books, including Many Chemistry Lessons. It is pleasing that the interest in e-books in our country is increasing day by day. While a new one is added to e-books and e-book platforms every day, TÜBİTAK called on academics to prepare electronic textbooks for the second time this year.

Last year, TÜBİTAK, which made a call, supported only 6 books due to the lack of applications. The e-book platform Kitabyte, which we introduced in the beta version in September, has also prepared an infographic for this support to reach more people. In addition to the infographic that explains the process in detail, Kitabyte has applied with 5 academics so far.

Applications for the e-book call ends on March 14 FROM THE LINK They can access detailed information as well as find the infographic prepared by Kitabyte below.




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