'Gold mine' discovered in her knees

A 'gold mine' was discovered in his knees. A 'gold mine' was discovered in the knees of a woman who applied to a doctor due to extreme pain in her knees in South Korea. Doctors stated that the image that emerged after the X-ray was the result of the 'acupuncture treatment'. When South Korean doctors X-rayed a 65-year-old woman diagnosed with osteoarthritis (the wear of the bones and cartilage in the joints), they encountered an unexpected image: the old woman. his knees were filled with hundreds of gold particles.

According to the study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, it was stated that the patient resorted to acupuncture, which is common in South Korea, when the drug treatment did not work. Needles used in acupuncture treatment, which turned out to be gold, caused numerous gold particles to accumulate in the patient's knee tissue.

Ali Guermazi, Professor of Radiology at Boston University, who examined the study, stated that foreign objects under the tissue can cause serious problems such as inflammation, abscess and infection. Guermazi said that in addition to such side effects, the particles left behind from the needle can complicate the understanding of the anatomy, thus leading the X-ray analysis to the wrong conclusion.

Guermazi says, “The human body wants to get rid of foreign objects and the defense mechanism kicks in. For example, inflammation or fibrous tissue occurs around the object,” he said.

What's more, people carrying foreign objects cannot undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans because of the risk of particles moving through the body and rupturing arteries.

There is little scientific evidence to support that acupuncture works. However, according to the research, acupuncture is widely used in Asian countries, especially to relieve joint pain, and gold needles are inserted into the area of ​​pain in the treatment.

According to data from the US National Institute of Health, 2007 million adults and 3.1 children received acupuncture treatment in the US in 150.

gold on your knees


Source : http://www.ntvmsnbc.com/id/25491886/

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