The vehicle of the future, from the students of Gediz University, "One thousand kilometers with 1 liter of gasoline"

The vehicle of the future, from the students of Gediz University, is "a thousand kilometers with 1 liter of gasoline". GEDİZ University Technology Team achieved significant success in hybrid, the technology of the future in automotive. Using the inert thermal energy of the engine, a vehicle that travels a thousand kilometers with 1 liter of gasoline was designed.
Gediz Technology Team (G-TECH) is working on serial hybrid vehicles with reduced fuel consumption and increased performance. Mechanical and electrical-electronic engineering students, together with their advisors, achieved an important success, designed a car that can travel a thousand kilometers with 1 liter of gasoline. The system, in which gasoline is first converted to electricity and then to mechanical energy, fuel loss is minimized and high efficiency is achieved, had an echo abroad.

Young inventors from Gediz became the only team from our country that deserved to participate in the Shell Eco-Marathon, which will be held in the Netherlands between May 15-18, in the category of prototype gasoline vehicles.

G-TECH will represent Turkey among 2 teams from 2 European countries with the cars that will be named Gediz Gasoline Car 26 (GGC229), which they have started to assemble.

Gediz University Mechanical Engineering Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Selim Solmaz announced that the GGC2 attracted attention as the only vehicle in its category with a serial hybrid architecture. Assoc. Dr. Solmaz reminded that only they took part in this race last year on behalf of our country.

Assoc. Dr. Selim Solmaz said, “This year, we designed a more advanced vehicle that recovers the inert thermal energy of the gasoline engine and provides energy efficiency. It has superior features with its aerodynamics, suspension and steering system. We want to increase our contribution to hybrid vehicle technology, which is closely followed by the automotive industry and which is planned to be widely used in the upcoming period. For this purpose, we aim to build a new and highly efficient gasoline engine, which will be entirely our production, and reach a range of up to 5 thousand kilometers with one liter of gasoline. We believe that we will achieve this with our students who are keen on automotive technologies.”



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