Would you like to take a look at the Firsts on the Internet?

Would you like to take a look at the Firsts on the Internet? Although the increase in internet usage on a global scale, the growth in mobile focus, the time spent per person on social media are among the current topics, let's go to the early days of the internet today.
From the first product sold on the Internet to the first e-mail, the top 10 of the internet, including the first internet banking application...
Lost in the speed of the internet, where it is not possible to say that the firsts are unforgettable, maybe the first thing you have never heard before is included in the article. The list, which contains remarkable information such as the first product sold on the internet, which is the basis of the e-commerce market, which continues to grow day by day, also includes the first products sold on Amazon and eBay.

First Email
The first of the e-mails, hundreds of which are deleted without being read today, was sent in 1971. Although there were other solutions to send messages on the internet before, the foundation of computer-to-computer e-mail was laid with the @ symbol. Although Tomlinson stated that he did not remember the content of the first e-mail sent with the @ system he developed, it is among the shared information that he was "QWERTYUIOP". Let's not forget that the first junk e-mail is considered to be the e-mail sent to 1978 people by Gary Thuerk in 393.

First Domain
The first domain name registered on the Internet, nordu.net, was registered on January 1, 1985. If the first domain with the .com extension is the domain name registered on symbolics.com on March 15, 1985, it is still open and its motto is: it all started here.

First mobile phone with internet connection
Aside from the growth expectations in mobile, the first mobile device to enter the internet is Nokia's 9000 Communicator. The model, which was produced in Finland 18 years ago, is not used by many people due to the high data price of phone operators, but it brings back the questions of where and where for Nokia.

First E-commerce
Although we are talking about the increasing e-commerce numbers today, the first product sold on the internet is drugs. In 1971, students exchanged margins over the existing internet connection of Stanford University with Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The first item sold on Amazon was Douglas Hofstadter's book in 1995, while the first item sold on AuctionWeb, formerly eBay, was a broken laser light device.

First Internet Banking
The technology, which has advanced to banking activities through Google Glass, was first put into service in 1994. Stanford Federal Credit Union was the first bank to offer internet banking to its customers.

First Search Engine
Although Google, which was founded in 1998 and is the second most valuable company in the world, continues to grow until today, the search engines established before it could not achieve the same success. WebCrawler was the first search engine in 2 to search sites entirely based on text.

First Photo Uploaded to the Internet
Although there is a busy agenda when it comes to selfie photos and the numbers that 400 million photos are uploaded to Snapchat every day, the first photo uploaded to the internet is an album cover.
The first photo uploaded to the Internet was by Tim Berners-Lee. Tim, the founder of the World Wide Web, uploaded a photo of the Les Horrible Cernettes album.

Internet's first block
Today, Justin Hall started the foundation of blogs being an alternative to traditional media. He named his blog, which he started daily in 1994, as Justin's Links from the Underground. . Justin Hall, whom New York Times Magazine calls the father of personal blogs, celebrated the 20th anniversary of his blog in the past few weeks.

First Banner Ad
AT&T gave the first Banner ad that we are accustomed to seeing while browsing the Internet. The magazine we now know as Wired draws attention when the first banner ad for Hotwired, which was broadcast on the web at the time, called to action: "Have you ever clicked here?"



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