Japan to build a wooden wall against the tsunami

Japan will build a wooden wall against the tsunami. Japanese ecologist Akira Miyawaki said that the tsunami can only be countered with trees, not concrete barriers. “In the tsunami in 2011, 40 percent of the concrete barriers protecting Japan's coast were destroyed by the tsunami effect. However, the Shinto shrines and temples protected by forests formed by local trees were never damaged,” said Miyawaki, and is trying to build a barrier of trees against the tsunami in his country.

After the 2011-magnitude earthquake that occurred in 9 in Japan, and the 14-meter tsunami waves that ripped the concrete barriers like paper, and the nuclear leak, a new precaution against this chain of disasters is being worked on: creating a barrier of trees.
According to the news of Dünya newspaper, the new goal of 15-year-old environmental scientist Akira Miyawaki, who is an expert on seeds and natural forests and planted 40 million trees in 85 countries around the world, is to prevent tsunami in his country thanks to forests.

The article introduced the Miyawaki Method as follows:
Miyawaki, who has a 10-volume research on vegetation in Japan, said, “In the earthquake in 2011, 40 percent of the concrete barriers protecting Japan's coasts were destroyed by the tsunami effect. Whereas, Shinto shrines and shrines, protected by forests of local trees, remained unharmed.”

Akira Miyawaki, Director of Japan's International Center for Ecological Studies, takes an all-natural approach to disaster prevention: building a Great Wall of China. The Miyawaki Method is also defined as the idea of ​​creating a forest by planting together different tree species belonging to the potential natural vegetation of the region. High and medium-sized trees grow in forests created by planting different seeds close together and close together, as in natural forest systems. This system increases the diversity and resilience of forests. During the first three years after planting, human support is needed for different activities such as weeding. In the following period, the management of forests is completely handed over to nature.
Miyawaki's ultimate goal is to create a band of green forest that will survive for 9 years, until the next ice age.

Akira Miyawaki


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