How Do You Think Water Stone Can Abrade?

How Do You Think Water Stone Can Abrade? Researchers from Rice University and the University of Bremen have developed a new computer model to understand how water erodes the crystalline structures found in natural stone and concrete. The work, published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C, could make important contributions to research in different fields (for example, in concrete structures, where corrosion resistance needs to be determined, water quality and control).

Researchers who want to understand how crystalline minerals dissolve in water
concentrated on the region. In their research with quartz, one of the most abundant minerals in the earth's crust, it was understood that more than one reaction occurred in the region between quartz and water (in the boundary layer). Some of these reactions occur simultaneously, while others occur sequentially.

In the research using advanced imaging methods, the surface of the crystal structures was scanned at nanometer scale and their topographic maps were obtained. Thanks to the developed computer modeling, it was possible to predict the reaction rate in the region between the water and the crystal structure, that is, the rate of the dissolution process more accurately. Thus, it may be possible to make more accurate calculations about the stability of building materials and the life of materials used in the storage of radioactive wastes.

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Source: science and technical journal ( Tuba Sarıgül )

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