Giresun University Chemistry Department Prepares to Produce Cancer Medicine from Hazelnut Shell.

Giresun University Chemistry Department Prepares to Produce Cancer Medicine from Hazelnut Shell. With the project carried out in Giresun, it is aimed to produce the active substance of the drug, which can be effective in the treatment of cancer, from the hazelnut shell used as fuel in stoves and ovens. Dr. Murat Taş said that although the hazelnut is as valuable as the kernel, its shell is not evaluated enough.

Stating that hazelnut shells are used for heating purposes in Turkey, Taş said, “However, the shell of the hazelnut is as valuable as the inside of the product. Maybe even more valuable. We don't know enough about it. Instead of making more use of such a valuable product, we almost waste it by using it only for heating purposes.”
Stating that they are preparing a project to produce cancer medicine from hazelnut shells, Taş said:

“Paclitaxel, the active ingredient of one of the five anticancer drugs used in the world, can be produced from hazelnut shells. For the production of paclitaxel, we prepared the 'Macro-Level Paclitaxel and HMF Extraction Project from Hazelnut Shells'. GRU Chemistry Department Lecturer Assist. Assoc. Dr. Saim Topçu and Düzce University Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. We will work to achieve this goal in the project we prepared with Halil İbrahim Uğraş.”

Stating that within the scope of the project, a suitable method will be determined for the isolation of paclitaxel and its various derivatives in hazelnut shell samples, Taş explained that these methods will be applied to samples at the macro level and the usability of the methods and methods will be tested.

Taş stated that, in addition to isolating paclitaxel from the hazelnut shell, the project also aims to obtain Hydroxymethyl Furfural (HMF), which is largely an industrial input, from the remaining part, and said:
“Thus, we aimed to create an additional added value to the hazelnut shell. The active ingredients of Turkey's cancer drugs are imported from abroad. When the project is completed successfully, Turkey will no longer have to import active substances. Thus, the significant resource paid for imports every year will be brought into the national economy.”

Stating that their projects are worthy of support within the scope of the "San-Tez" program by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Taş stated that they aim to complete the project within 2 years after the signing of the project contract.

cancer medicine from hazelnut shell


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