Wounds Will Heal With Electric Current.

Wounds Will Heal With Electric Current. American scientists, who showed that cells can be moved from one point to another using electric current, achieved an important success in the field of bioengineering.

The researchers pointed out that the invention, which allows tissues to be arranged in more controlled ways, has practical applications, such as producing "smart" bandages that use electrical current to help wounds heal faster.

In their experiments on a small layer of epithelial cells, which bind to each other to produce robust membranes that cover the skin, kidney, cornea and other organs, scientists have shown that these cells can be moved across a direct current field by applying an electric current of about 5 volts per centimeter.

Stating that it has been known since 1843 that wounds change electric fields in the areas they are in, the researchers noted that they made this discovery during their studies to determine the bioelectric signs in the healing process of wounds.

The research by scientists from the University of California-Berkeley (UC-Berkeley) led by Daniel Cohen has been published in the scientific journal Nature Materials. Cohen emphasized that their research is important as it is the first data to show that direct current fields can be moved precisely in epithelial cell layers.

Noting that the healing process can be accelerated and improved by detecting the electrical currents when wounds are formed and healed, Cohen underlined that their findings clearly demonstrate that the type of cellular control needed for the production of "smart" bandages can be achieved. Cohen reported that the next step in their research would be to try this on real wounds.

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