559 thousand people with master's and doctorate degrees are looking for a job, the demand is 405 people.

559 thousand people with master's and doctorate degrees are looking for a job, the demand is 405 people. The employment problem in Turkey continues. Okan Tütüncü, General Manager of Secretcv.com, stated that the problem should be addressed with all its aspects, and said, “The problem of unemployment remains important even for candidates who have completed master's and doctorate degrees. In our system alone, there are 559 thousand candidates who have completed their master's and doctorate degrees and are actively looking for a job. On the other hand, the number of companies requesting these candidates is only 405.” said.

Noting that a total of 405 companies are looking for candidates with master's or doctorate degrees, Tütüncü said, "As we mentioned before, the number of job seekers is 559 thousand. We are talking about qualified unemployment in Turkey, but the figures show that although there are hundreds of thousands of candidates with master's and doctorate degrees, Turkey's labor market is not qualified to employ these personnel.” used the phrases.

Business Administration ranks first with 22,5 percent among the programs completed by candidates with master's and doctorate degrees who are looking for a job at Secretcv.com. Candidates who have completed their postgraduate education in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry and Banking also keep their CVs active in order to find a suitable job for them. Tütüncü said, “When we look at the sectors to which the candidates have applied, we see a picture that is compatible with the completed programs. Business graduates evaluate job opportunities in the administrative units of various sectors; Those who have completed their graduate programs in technical branches and natural sciences tend to sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food, automotive, information technologies and construction.” said.

Tütüncü emphasized the importance of matching the right position with the right candidate, and said:

“When we look at the number of unemployed, we get an idea about the general picture. However, another dimension of the problem is the right job placement and finding a job in the graduated department. This is another factor that triggers qualified unemployment. For example, when we look at the numbers, we see that there are thousands of candidates who have completed the Business Administration program. In order to stand out among these people, the candidates must clearly express the job they are looking for, their qualifications and the field they specialize in. The same goes for companies. Just as a company looking for a laboratory assistant should not post an ad for a chemical engineer, a company looking for a staff member with specific qualifications should not post an ad just because I'm looking for an engineer.” Tütüncü stated that as Secretcv.com, they acted with the mission of contributing to employment by bringing the right candidate and the right company together as soon as possible.

Among the 16,7 million job seekers on Secretcv.com, the rate of candidates with a bachelor's degree is 45 percent. Among these 7,5 million candidates, Anadolu University is the university with the highest number of graduates. It is followed by Istanbul University with 37,9 percent and Kocaeli University with 3,74 percent. Looking at the departments from which the candidates who entered the web environment to find a job graduated, the Business Administration ranks first with 2,33%. It is followed by Economics with 27,4 and Public Administration with 7,82.

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