Who is Behiç Erkin

Who is Behiç Erkin: Born in Istanbul in 1876, Behiç Bey graduated from the War College in 1898 and the War Academy in 1901. After 1904, he worked as an inspector of the Thessaloniki-Istanbul railway guards as a staff captain. [more…]


Can Turkey Become an Actor in Energy?

Can Turkey Become an Actor in Energy? 'Don't look for oil in the Black Sea in vain' London-based Global Resources Corporation Chairman Mehmet Öğütçü said, “Turkey should invest in neighboring countries like China did and Korea did. East [more…]


Turkey Reaches New Cancer Base

Turkey Reaches New Cancer Base. Turkey is getting a new international center that will enable advanced research of herbs to be used in the treatment of many diseases. Cancer and genome center will be open to researchers from abroad. [more…]


KPSS is Coming! Oral Exams Are Coming

KPSS is Coming! Oral Exams Are Coming. KPSS is abolished as a result of the instruction given by Prime Minister Erdogan. Instead of KPSS, all ministries and government institutions will conduct their own personnel exams. The government, which is applied in the recruitment of civil servants to the state, [more…]


Chemical Industry Employees Are At This Risk…

Chemical Industry Workers Are At This Risk…Although there is no comprehensive scientific research conducted throughout Turkey, a study supported by the Ministry of Health shows that; In our country, in regions such as Istanbul and Ankara, where the prostate cancer industry is developing, [more…]