Cargill will carry out the production of vegetable oil-based industrial raw materials in Turkey.

Cargill will carry out the production of vegetable oil-based industrial raw materials in Turkey. Cargill, which has taken over the shares of Alemdar Kimya Endüstrisi, which produces oleo-chemistry (oil), thus, has produced vegetable oil-based environmentally friendly industrial raw materials that have only been produced in two factories located in the USA and Brazil. will also carry out its production in Gebze. Vegetable oil-based raw materials obtained by Cargill from agricultural products are used in textile, paint, detergent, paper, packaging, construction, sponge, transformer and cooling systems.

target local resources
Cargill Turkey Chairman of the Board Murat Tarakçıoğlu stated that their main goal is to add value to the Turkish economy by obtaining raw materials from local sources.
Tarakçıoğlu said, “Turkey, as the most dynamic country in its region, has a constantly growing and developing economy. For this reason, we decided in 2008 to make Turkey the investment and management base of the Middle East and North African countries. Now we are crowning this decision with a new investment. Until today, we were importing some of our industrial raw materials needed by the Turkish industry. With this purchase, we will also produce non-food industrial products in Turkey using domestic raw materials. We will make Turkey the region's production, technology and export base for our vegetable oil-based products," he said.

Akın Özkutan, General Manager of Cargill Industrial Lubricants Business Unit, said that in the 5-year strategic plan, they have a turnover target of 100 million dollars related to the sales of industrial products. Özkutan said, “Our focus is not only on Turkey. Europe, the Middle East and North Africa are among the markets we are targeting," he said.



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