New Invention “Egg Shells” in the Cosmetics and Food Industry

New Invention "Egg Shells" in the Cosmetics and Food Industry Can we reuse eggshells in the plastic, cosmetic products or food industry? To look for the answer to this question, the Futuris team traveled to Hungary this week. Thanks to the new invention of scientists, the egg shells are no longer thrown away and are reused in the cosmetics and food industry after some processes. The membrane, which is separated from the egg shell without changing its content structure, is actually a valuable substance.

Tons of eggshells are wasted every day in Europe. Did you know that this substance can be reused in the plastics, cosmetics and food industries?

This small company in Hungary has to deal with the above problem every day. Here, approximately 15 million eggs are used as a by-product in the pasta, pastry and other food industries every year.

Naturally, the same amount of eggshell is exposed. According to the director of the company, it is not easy to deal with this situation.

Tas Orban, General Manager, Ecomotive Company: "Eggshells used in industry are considered dangerous because the protein in the egg membrane can decompose very quickly and become toxic."

“We only work with private companies so that these wastes can be cleaned and reused. It also costs a little.”

But the egg membrane is very rich in amino acids, which are gelatin and protein particles. For this reason, egg factories send this waste to the cosmetics and food industries.

"But how do we separate the egg membrane from the shell quickly and cheaply?"

The main purpose of these officials working on one of the research projects in Europe is to find it.

Researchers have developed a model machine that separates the eggshell from its membrane. The separated membranes are dried at ambient temperature to ensure their quality is maintained.

The dried membranes are finally sterilized without further processing.

Enrico Imperi, Chemist: “We use ultraviolet light. This light enters the bacteria and fixes their DNA. In this way, bacteria become passive and their reproduction is prevented.

In this way, egg membranes are cleaned without the use of chemicals or high heat. With this method, it is sterilized and its contents are intact.”

This developed sample machine has actually been in use for a long time. Researchers say egg companies are turning their useless waste into an added value.

Scientists strive to do better.

Melinda Kozak, Ateknea Solutions, Biochemist (Hungary): “The next step is to automate the system. Our aim is to regulate the production process according to the amount of egg shells on demand.''

"This rate can vary from 100 kilos to 1000 kilos per hour."'

Tas Orban, General Manager of Ecomotive Company: "If we can industrialize this sorting business, we, as egg production companies, will be able to profit from this waste that used to cost us."

Researchers believe that this machine could be marketed in 3-4 years. The competitiveness in the European poultry sector will also increase in this way.

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source : euronews

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