KPSS is Coming! Oral Exams Are Coming

KPSS Takes Off! Oral Exams Are Coming. KPSS is abolished as a result of the instruction given by Prime Minister Erdogan. Instead of KPSS, all ministries and government institutions will conduct their own personnel exams. The government is preparing to abolish the central examination KPSS, which is applied in the recruitment of civil servants to the state.

Within the scope of the work carried out by the instruction of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, ministries will be given the right to hold their own exams instead of the central exam system. Labor and Social Security Minister Faruk Çelik gave information about the ministry's work and the draft laws prepared to be sent to the Parliament at the last Council of Ministers meeting. One of the most important issues in the presentation was the preparation made for KPSS. According to the current system, exams are held periodically by OSYM for the personnel to be recruited to the state. Appointments are made in this exam in order from the highest score to the bottom.

KPSS will be abolished within the scope of the work started at the request of Prime Minister Erdogan. The period for ministries and other public institutions to recruit personnel with a single exam conducted by OSYM will end. According to the study; Instead of the central examination system, all ministries and institutions will be given the right to conduct examinations for the personnel they will recruit according to their own needs. According to the system being worked on, each institution will announce its own exam for the personnel it will receive. An announcement will be made for the personnel to be recruited. Applicants will take the written exam with questions suitable for the staff needed by the institution. If necessary, there will be an oral exam as well.

There will also be some regulations regarding the personal rights and working styles of those who are appointed as civil servants. A person who is appointed after passing the exam will have to work for at least 3 years in the place where he is assigned. E.g; A person who passes the exam and necessary training programs of the Ministry of National Education and is appointed to any part of the country, especially in the Southeast, will stay here for at least 3 years. No appointment will be made before this time.



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