Butterflies Use Geomagnetic Compass

Butterflies Using Geomagnetic Compass. Scientists say the monarch butterfly, a migratory butterfly species, can navigate thousands of kilometers across North America using an internal magnetic 'compass'. sun of monarch butterflies [more…]


Germans Managed to Make Meat from Wheat

The Germans Managed To Make Meat From Wheat. Countless cattle, hectares of pastures and a growing world population. Meat consumption is increasing rapidly, especially in developing countries. This is a huge risk for the environment. Greenhouse effect [more…]

International Space Station

Strange X-Ray Signals in Deep Space

Strange X-Ray Signals in Deep Space. NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory and the European Space Agency's XMM_Newton satellite detected unusual x-ray signals. These signals are 240 million light-years away in the Perseus galaxy. [more…]


What if it falls into the hands of others?

What if it falls into the hands of others? The scientific world reproduces deadly viruses in the laboratory environment. The aim is to develop treatment methods. But the possibility of viruses falling into the hands of terrorists scares scientists. After heavy security measures [more…]


The Japanese Have Finally Done It!

The Japanese Have Finally Done It! Japanese scientists have made a very important discovery about the future of humanity. The first human robot was introduced in the live broadcast. In the future, with robots that are difficult to distinguish from human at first glance. [more…]


Mysterious Fuel Pollution in the Dardanelles

Mysterious Fuel Pollution in the Dardanelles. In the Dardanelles, fuel pollution has been observed for a month in the Nara Cape Locality, where the Dumlupınar Submarine shipwreck, which is a graveyard for 81 sailors, is located. Spreading from the seabed to the surface [more…]


Frightening Increase in Carbon Dioxide

Frightening Increase in Carbon Dioxide. According to data from the World Meteorological Agency, the rate of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached the highest level in history last month. Data from 12 stations around the world at 400 ppm in the Northern Hemisphere [more…]