The “Blucky” Screens of Smartphones Are Finally Getting Smarter.

The “Blucky” Screens of Smartphones Are Finally Getting Smarter. Currently, the screens on our phones do not have much capability. All its existing tasks consist of transferring pictures to us and transferring the commands given by touch to the hardware. However, it seems highly likely that new ones will be added to these tasks in the future.

Polytechniqe Montreal researchers have developed sensors that are highly durable and can be placed under Gorilla Glass, which is used in many phones. These sensors leave optical wave traces on the screen so that changes in light can be tracked. As a result, the phone screen, which would normally require a cable connection or specialized sensors, can gain some additional features. It is possible for the phone to control its temperature using light. Or, by recording a special optical pattern on the screen, it becomes possible for the manufacturer to make it difficult to copy the phone, and accordingly the information in it.

Of course, it is possible to find more “subtle” advantages. Since nothing but photons passes through the waves, these traces will be completely invisible. In other words, it may be possible to display more than one optical guide and, accordingly, more than one sensor group on the screen without affecting the image. In this way, the door of "transparent technology" can be opened and many different functions can be loaded onto the screen.

Although a Corning scientist was involved in this work, there are no official plans to add these light sensors to Gorilla Glass. Polytechniqe Montreal focuses on the use of this technology as real and sold tools. This invention is expected to be ready for production within the next year. The technology team is looking for companies that can put sensors into finished hardware. If companies aiming to use technology are found, we may soon encounter phones whose electronics are as "smart" as they are.

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