Germans Managed to Make Meat from Wheat

The Germans Managed To Make Meat From Wheat. Countless cattle, hectares of pastures and a growing world population. Meat consumption is increasing rapidly, especially in developing countries. This is a huge risk for the environment. The share of animal husbandry in the formation of the greenhouse effect is very large . So, can schnitzel be cooked without livestock? Florian Wild from the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany was looking for the answer to this question, and he produced herbal schnitzel with his team.

Wild first mixes the wheat, chickpea or soybean with water in the mixer. Since the important thing is to obtain protein, the scientist does not need shells. “This is the main ingredient of the material that has surfaced instead of meat after it has been purified and dried.” Wild takes the mix to the filtration section at the institute's facility. The machine can process approximately one thousand liters of mixture in a day. As a result of this process, two hundred kilograms of vegetable material is obtained that can be used instead of meat. “The heart of the facility beats in the filtration department. The assembly consists of very small porous pipes. While separating the sugar with the pores, protein can be obtained.” There's the next step in line. The condensed herb powder is transferred to the high-tech pressure cooker connected to the cooling mechanism in the laboratory. The powder is mixed with water once again, and at the same time it is heated up to 150 degrees under high pressure.

Afterwards, the mixture inside the device is slowly cooled. The result is a fibrous, gum-like substance very much like meat. This vegetarian meat is rich in protein and fiber and is lean. While the texture is aimed to resemble chicken meat, it should also give this feeling when chewing. Florian Wild knows well that he has to convince meat lovers, especially in terms of taste. That's why he has been experimenting on different spice flavors for 5 years. The goal is to produce a huge amount of this meat substitute. “Vegetarian schnitzel takes up so much less space. We use the raw material directly as it is grown from the field. Many more people can be fed from the same field with vegetarian schnitzel.” Florian Wild's goal is to bring a solution to world hunger and conserve precious resources. Meat obtained from chickpeas, wheat and soy means less energy and water consumption and less pasture area.

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