Antarctica is Melting Unstoppably

Antarctica is Melting Unstoppably. According to scientists' studies, the West Antarctic ice sheet has begun to melt slowly but unstoppably. Recent studies by scientists show that alarm bells are ringing for West Antarctica. According to research, the ice sheet in West Antarctica is starting to melt slowly but unstoppably. This situation is expected to raise the sea level more than expected.

Sea level is already rising

According to the news in the Huffington Post, although scientists state that it may take hundreds of years to melt, the current sea level has already risen by 1-3 meters.
NASA's research for the last 40 years, based on aircraft and satellite photographs, reveals that the melting is much faster than expected and creates a domino effect.

"The melting is happening very quickly, we are only witnessing the beginning phase at the moment," said Ian Joughin from the University of Washington.

Chain reaction effect in global warming

At a press conference held at NASA on Monday, it was announced that human beings accelerated global warming with their own hands and caused the hole in the ozone layer to perforate, while this hole in Ozone caused the warming of the winds and water in Antarctica.

"The system is in an unstoppable chain reaction, each phase feeding the other," said NASA glaciologist Eric Rignot.

Leaving fossil fuels is not the solution either.

Reducing emissions from fossil fuels won't stop this meltdown, but it can slow this process, Rignot added.

Climate change studies show how complex Antarctica is as a continent and how diverse its responses can be. For example, last month, sea ice levels in Antarctica broke records in terms of reach. Scientists say it has no (or very little) effect on Antarctica's ice cover.


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