State Guarantee Coming to Pharmaceutical Investment

State Guarantee Coming to Pharmaceutical Investment. TURKEY is taking action to attract pharmaceutical companies to investment. He told the companies he invited to the table, “We have a public procurement of 8 billion dollars. We want to use these purchases for you to invest in Turkey. Incentives will also be at the highest level”. Cevdet Yılmaz, Minister of Development, said that the public's supply guarantee of up to 7 years is also on the agenda and that they look warmly to the new model introduced by the industry.


This year, Turkey is represented by 2014 participants, 20 private and 14 public, at the “34 Bio Technology Fair”, which is the world's largest international exhibition in the field of biotechnology and held in San Diego. Explaining the wide participation in the fair with the words "Turkey will compete not with cheap labor, but with knowledge and technology", Yılmaz explains that they also showcased their new strategies in medicine.
Stating that the purchase guarantee of the public is implemented in other sectors and that it can now be talked about for pharmaceuticals, Yılmaz said, “The public is the biggest buyer in pharmaceuticals. This was also the case with the tablet computer project. We say, 'We can buy it if you produce it domestically'. Thus, we are making their investments feasible.” “We can be successful if there is a model that removes uncertainty. The interest is positive,” Yılmaz said, adding that the incentive system and TÜBİTAK supports will also be the pillars of the new strategy. Yılmaz said, “We evaluate the drug price policy of the public separately from this. "We cannot have a policy of increasing expenditures further," he said.


The new model, which was brought to pharmaceutical companies to invest in Turkey, was first applied in blood plasma production. Since the public buys 600 million TL of blood plasma products annually, a long-term purchase guarantee offer was made to the companies; They were offered to invest in Turkey by carrying "know how". The purchase guarantee is determined as 7 years. Companies were also required to have a Red Crescent and a local partner. While 21 companies have been interested in the project so far, 11 companies have written, "We are in this project".

İlker Aycı, President of the Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency, said that the priority is now R&D. Stating that an R&D list will be announced, Aycı said, "It will be like the list of exporters the most."

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Source: Hürriyet

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