IU Quantum Technologies Laboratory, The Instructor in Charge Was Sentenced and Closed.

IU Quantum Technologies Laboratory, The Instructor in Charge Was Sentenced and Closed. IU Quantum Technologies Laboratory, which hosted a number of experiments, was sentenced to a penalty and closed. Projects suspended. Researchers were kicked out.

Istanbul University Faculty of Science Quantum Technologies Laboratory, which is one of the three laboratories together with Harvard University and Max Planck Institute, where 'low temperature-magnetic field' experiments can be carried out in the world, was sacrificed to bureaucratic fight and closed. Many scientific researches supported by TUBITAK were carried out in the laboratory, which was established in 2012 with a spending of 6 million TL and developed with the participation of postgraduate and doctoral students. Articles describing the results of research and experiments carried out in the laboratory were published in prestigious scientific journals. However, the fire that broke out prepared the collapse of the quantum. After the cheap fire, the laboratory supervisor Assoc. Dr. Afif Sıddıki applied to Istanbul University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office, Istanbul University Rectorate and TÜBİTAK, which supports projects, in order to ensure the necessary occupational safety in the laboratory. However, due to the insensitivity of the institutions, it could not get results. Claiming that work in the laboratory was not safe, Sıddıki resigned from his laboratory responsibility on May 13, 2013. On the same day, Sıddıki announced on the social networking site Facebook that he was struggling to ensure occupational safety in the laboratory, but left his job because he could not get any results:

“I'm tired of fighting. I'm turning 40 in two days. I'm not going to be married either. It was science, it was a lab, now you can imagine its hometown. I'm tired of struggling with so many dirty people. Moreover, I am tired of disappointing myself and those who believe in me.” IU Faculty of Science Dean's Office opened an investigation against the teacher on the grounds that he insulted his superiors because of these words. As a result of the investigation, Sıddıki was sentenced to three years of 'stopping the progress of the level'. Siddiki and his students were prevented from entering the laboratory.

While the investigation was continuing, Sıddıki went to Germany to continue his scientific studies. Assoc. Dr. While Afif Sıddıki was in Germany, the university administration entered the laboratory and ran the laboratory that was embezzled. Hearing this, Sıddıki teacher sent an e-mail to the school administration and stated that the laboratory was under his own responsibility and that other teachers could not do any work in the laboratory without his permission.
Upon e-mail, Sıddıki Hodja was investigated for the second time by the dean's office on the grounds that he threatened the teachers. Sıddıki was sentenced to 3 more years of severance.

TUBITAK projects on hold
Quantum Technologies Laboratory, one of the rare laboratories in the world, was closed. All projects supported by TÜBİTAK were suspended because the laboratory was not used. When the projects were suspended, the scholarships of 11 students working in the laboratory with scholarship were cut. It is claimed that the idle laboratory will be used as a work office.

They want to be dismissed from the civil service.
Stating that the investigations opened against him had no basis, Assoc. Dr. Afif Sıddıki stated that in two separate investigations, the progress of the level was stopped for 6 years and said: “The school administration was not content with the punishment of stopping the progress in the level. After a physics conference held at the dean's school, he opened another investigation against me. Since I was sentenced twice, my investigation file was sent to YÖK. I am being asked to be removed from public service. When I gave a defense to YÖK on May 22, it was stated that I shared a message on Facebook in my investigation file and that I had expressed negative opinions about the particle accelerators workshop organized within the Turkish Physical Society. Although I requested the text of the comment in order to be able to defend myself, the text was not given to me. However, I did not share such a message.”

Metin Kendirik, a postdoctoral researcher who had to work as a paid teacher at an imam hatip high school in Antalya because he was unemployed after the closure of the laboratory, said: “We established that laboratory with our own efforts. As a result of my work in the laboratory, my articles were published in scientific journals. I had a project supported by TUBITAK. That project was suspended when the lab closed. I was unemployed, my other friends' scholarships were cut off. Now I am a paid teacher at a school for eight lira an hour. The Quantum Research Laboratory will also be used as an office.

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