86% of Women Smell Detergent

86% of women take detergent by smell. The WORLD detergent market is growing rapidly. Unilever, one of the key players in the $20 billion market, celebrates its 20th anniversary in Turkey and aims to "grow by appealing to both the eyes and the nose" in the detergent market.

Stating that the detergent market in Turkey has reached a size of 1.2 billion liras, Unilever Home Care Category Marketing Director Çiğdem Yıldız Kurtuluş said that Turkey is among the top 5 countries for Unilever's Rinso brand. Stating that with the 'plus-value cleaning' trend spreading around the world, a significant portion of women expect new benefits in detergent that go beyond cleaning and offer added value, Kurtuluş said, “Rinso also focuses on fragrance, which is one of the most prominent platforms among these values. With the strategy of 'perfect cleaning and lasting fragrance', it offers its consumers products that both offer the cleaning they seek and add color to their lives with their permanent scents. Emphasizing that 86 percent of liquid detergent consumers, who are the future of the market, do not buy liquid detergents regardless of their smell, Kurtuluş said, “Liquid detergents make up 17 percent of the market. This figure was 3 percent 4 years ago. We foresee that the use of liquid detergents will significantly replace the use of powder detergents in the medium and long term. We are currently in a transition period, liquid detergents have entered one out of every four households today. “Women wash clothes 4-4 times a week on average,” he said.

28.5 billion euros
Size of home care category in the world

Share of detergent in household care category

43 billion TL
The size of the detergent market in the world

1.2 billion TL
The size of the detergent market in Turkey.

The share of powder detergents in the detergent market

Liquid detergents market share

Rate of houses without washing machine in Turkey

Weekly laundry rate in Turkey

Usage rate of economy programs in washing machines

Ratio of laundry washed without soiling

86 percent-of-women-buy-detergent-by-smelling


Source: Hürriyet

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