Ç.Ü Produced Concrete from Waste Ash

Ç.Ü Produced Concrete from Waste Ash. A group of scientists in Çanakkale produced aerated concrete building material from the waste ash of the thermal power plant, which is expected to be 'lighter than bricks and less damaging to people and goods in the event of an earthquake'.
Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Science and Technology Application and Research Center (ÇOBİLTUM) Director Prof. Dr. In a statement to his reporter, İsmet Kaya said that the product they developed was the result of a research.
Expressing that they have successfully completed the production of gas concrete building material from the waste ashes of a thermal power plant in the city, Kaya said, “Preliminary trials were carried out for a certain period of time. We aim to fully complete the production under laboratory conditions and reach the macro level. Because after this is done, the material needs to be put on the market,' he said.

Kaya pointed out that sometimes problems can be encountered in laboratory conditions and macro-level experiments.
For this reason, Kaya stated that they first completed the work at the micro, that is, laboratory level, and said, "As a result, we produced materials with very similar properties and cheaper than those in the market."
İsmet Kaya emphasized the importance of contributing to the economy by making a building material from ash that has no value.
Informing that they used a certain amount of cement and some chemical materials in the production of the product, Kaya said:

'The feature of this product; to be light. Lighter than brick. It causes less damage to people or goods in the event of the collapse of the structure during an earthquake. Apart from that, it has a very good permeability feature as it has a porous structure. Due to all these features, it is a highly preferred material in the construction industry. We are doing this project in partnership with the power plant. The next fabrication parts will be done by the power plant itself. It will be able to produce according to our work.'

Ç.Ü Produced Concrete from Waste Ash


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