Here is the World's Toughest Chemistry Department Teacher

Here is the World's Toughest Chemistry Department Teacher. It is said that a student studying at the chemistry department of Stretto University in Messina, Italy, took the exam 43 times and failed 43 times.

The reason is 56-year-old lecturer Sandra Lo Schiavo. The teacher in question responded to the accusations with the following words: “These are all fabrications. Exams are transparent. Also, I don't do any exams by myself. I always have one, sometimes even two, colleagues with me”.

However, while he denies the charges against Lo Schiavo, he also admits that he was too strict. 70% of the students who took the last exam of the teacher who said "Let my students hate me but study" remained. The female teacher, who says that the students deserve this because they are not working, says that passing an unsuccessful student will cause bigger problems in the future.



Source : trtturk

Günceleme: 15/07/2014 12:12

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