Are Black Holes Turning into White Holes?

Are Black Holes Turning into White Holes? The mystery of black holes is a subject that is frequently pondered in physics circles. Now, two physicists have come up with an exciting theory. Black holes may be turning into white holes!

Black holes are one of the biggest mysteries of the universe. Why are they formed? What are they for? Do they destroy the matter they have inhaled, or does the black hole have another end and these substances come out from there? How do they end? There are theories to answer all these questions. Now, a theory has been put forward that can have an important place in terms of the functioning of black holes. Just as 'black holes', also called swallowing holes, are the gateways to non-existence, the 'white holes' they later transform into may be creating matter.

The theory is that black holes turn into white holes right after they are swallowed, which is the opposite of black hole grasping. Because gravity is a phenomenon that plays with the perception of time, an outside observer cannot tell whether a black hole was formed millions or even billions of years ago. If Carlo Rovelli and Hal Haggard of the University of Marseille and Hal Haggard are right, the tiny black holes that formed during the formation of the universe may be ready to explode and emit matter into the universe right now. According to the theory, it could be formation-changing dried up black holes, or white holes, that cause Big Bang-like explosions, which we call supernovae!

According to Einstein's theory of relativity, a dying star collapses under its own weight. Collapse is inevitable and there is no force of nature to stop it. This is characteristic of black holes. A spherical surface clusters around a collapsing star because nothing can escape the black hole's pull and eventually all matter collapses in and is destroyed. Black holes contain antimatter.

Carlo Rovelli, who teaches physics at the University of Marseille, puts forward a pioneering theory at this stage. Thinking that not only gravity will expand but also space-time integrity, Rovelli claims that balance is achieved with small cycles. Rovelli calls this theory 'cycled quantum gravity'. The theory hasn't had a chance to be tested so far, but it still caused great excitement in the scientific community. According to Rovelli's work with colleague Hal Haggard, the circular structure also causes the black hole to change shape, not disappear.




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