We Want 2000 Appointments for Chemistry Teachers!

We Want 2000 Appointments for Chemistry Teachers! He started sharing on Twitter a few days ago. #chemistryteachers2000atama Our Chemistry Teachers, who try to make their voices heard with the hashtag, continue their struggle.

Minister of National Education Nabi AVCI said that the appointments would be in July and determined the number as 40,000. However, this period has been moved to August and it has been reported that the lion's share of the teacher appointments to be made in the last week of August will be English, Guidance and Psychological Counseling, Classroom Teaching, Science Technology, Turkish and Mathematics Teaching.

In August 2013 appointments, the base score of Chemistry/Chemical Technology Teacher was 79,216.
Out of 1410 applications, only 168 people were appointed. In February 2014, 76,93 base points and only 99 people were appointed.

As the Chemistry News team, we want to allocate 2000 quotas in the appointments of Chemistry Teachers and to eliminate the grievances. We look forward to your support.

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